Remembering Protest, Resistance, Civil Disobedience
Konzeption und Moderation eines internationalen Forschungsprojekts zur Geschichtspolitik, 2006-2007

European historical awareness is not ordained “from above”, but rather develops through exchange and discussion about conflicting experiences and national truths. Together, 24 pupils and students from 12 countries have put this to the test. They joined in the project “Remembering Protest, Resistance, Civil Disobedience”, an endeavour of EUSTORY ( and the GESCHICHTSWERKSTATT EUROPA (

How are acts of protest, resistance and civil disobedience in the 20th century remembered officially and unofficially in various European countries? Step by step the participants of the project analyzed traditionally accepted understandings of protest in 20th century history and discussed them in a European context. They analysed monuments, memorials, websites and films – and together with their grandparents and parents they recalled personal experiences in the fight for human rights and democracy. The results of their joint work were exchanged and discussed in an internet forum.

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More results are published in the brochure
Sharing Memories of Protest and Resistance. Young Europeans Confront History Anew
hg. von EUSTORY und der Geschichtswerkstatt Europa, Hamburg 2007.
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